Frequent questions


What is MAMIfit®?

MAMIfit® is a company founded in 2009 dedicated to the well being of women. Providing pre and postpartum gymnastics / fitness services outdoors, in centers and / or at home for moms and future moms who want to exercise, or stay in shape before and / or after pregnancy without leaving their little ones.
These Pre and Postpartum gym classes are all taught by sports professionals or physiotherapist. All the trainers of MAMIfit® and instructors teach the Hypopressive Method. All classes are 1 hour long.
Pre-delivery classes work on breathing, balance, posture, muscle toning of the limbs and cardio-pulmonary breathing.
In the postpartum classes we work, in addition to the everything mentioned before, on the recovery of cardiopulmonary resistance, the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor with the Hypopressive method for 25-30 minutes.
In these classes you will find the support of other moms in the group and the coach that a mother needs. For those who are going to become a mother or just had her baby.


How old does my baby / child have to be?

Babies must have a minimum of 6 weeks in the case of natural childbirth and 8 weeks in the case of cesarean delivery. Older children who walk have to be in the stroller, in case of going to an outdoor class or in a baby carrier.
Recommended ages: 6 weeks – 12 years


Can I come alone (without my baby / child)?

Yes, if you have already had your baby and he/she older or you just want to come without your baby, there is no problem. You will not be the only one.


What do I do if my baby starts to cry?

Our children are our number one priority in MAMIfit®. We love babies and children, so do what you have to do for them. If you need to breastfeed, change or calm him/her, there will be places where you can do it as you, and only you know how to. And if you need help, the trainer will be there to lend a hand. Do not forget to notify the trainer or a classmate in case you have to leave.


What do I need to bring?

It depends:


– If you are pregnant:
Yoga mat
Water bottle
Comfortable and elastic clothing with layers in case of cold
Sun protection (Apply a coat before leaving home)

– If you are already a mom:
Baby / child-a trolley with protection for the sun or rain / wind
Yoga mat
Comfortable and elastic clothing with layers in the case of cold, both for you and your baby / child-
Bottle of water for you and snacks for children-as
Sun protection (Apply a coat before leaving home)

NOTE: If you decide to pay class per class, bring the exact amount because trainers will not always have change.


-If you are pregnant:
Comfortable, elastic clothing and sneakers
Bottle of water for you

– If you are already a mom:
Comfortable, elastic clothing and sneakers
Bottle of water for you
Snacks and toys for your children
Trainers will give you an exercise resistance band that you must return at the end of each class. If you have your own, you can bring it with you.


What happens if there is bad weather in an outdoor class?

It depends:

– If it is cold, dress in layers to remove, as you get warmer.

– If there is drizzle or wind, do not forget the plastic for the stroller and for the children, bring a cap so that the rain does not bother you in the eyes.

– In case of rain or heavy rain, the class will be canceled and you will receive a text message on the mobile one-hour or half hour before from your trainer.


How do I pay for classes?

– OUTDOORS classes: Cash or transfer

– CENTERS classes: They are paid at the reception through cash or transfer


How many times a week should you attend classes?

The first 14 weeks we recommend that you exercise 3 days a week, after these months, 2 times a week will be enough to keep you in shape.


How do I get in touch with my future MAMIfit® personal trainer?

Every location has the information on the trainer of that area.


Is this fitness program safe for moms or future moms?

Yes, MAMIfit® is a proven method in the United States. It was imported directly from there and it has helped millions of women and families both in the USA and abroad, Spain included. Not only do we help keep you in shape or recover the body you had before, but also we help you prevent or help in pre or postpartum depression. Together we form a great family of MAMIfitters and from here, friendships are born.
All the trainers have a certificate of personal trainer, are licensed in physical education and sport sciences or are physiotherapists and they all have the qualification of instructor in the Hypopressive method.
For future moms, it is important to bring a medical certificate that approves physical exercise. Regardless of which quarter you are in. For example, on the day that you have a review / ultrasound, you tell the doctor, that you want to exercise and that you give him a written and signed approval.
For those of you who are already moms, it is important that you start classes when six weeks have passed since natural delivery or eight weeks since the C-section.
Consult your doctor if you have any questions


Can I bring someone to class?

Yes, you can bring a family member; such as your husband, mother, father, sister… This person can participate in the group for free without having to sign up. But they will only be able to participate in one class, although they can assist just to watch any other time.
You can also bring pets that do not interfere with the dynamics of the class as long as you are accompanied in the class outdoors. In centers it is not possible


I just had a baby and I would like to recover the figure I had before. When can I start exercising?

Possibly after childbirth you are wondering ‘why do I still have a belly?’ and you plan to start exercising as soon as possible to eliminate it.
Consider that the uterus still has to reduce its size and, if it took you nine months to become so large, will not shrink from night to day.
Breastfeeding your baby helps to recover the figure faster. If you have exercised during pregnancy, you will feel better sooner and feel ready for a very gentle exercise routine. Little by little you can increase the amount and toughness until you regain your previous level.
Always listen to your body, because even though the baby is already out your body needs another nine months to fully recover.
If you notice an increase in vaginal leaks or some type of pain, take it easy and reduce the intensity and duration.
Many doctors will tell you to wait until the sixth week after delivery, but others may suggest that, depending on how you are, begin light exercise as soon as possible. It basically depends on whether you have exercised regularly or not.
If you’ve exercised until (almost) delivery, you may be able to start a light stretching routine right away, to extend it as you find yourself able. But if you stopped exercising during pregnancy or have never done it, it is preferable to take it more calmly.
However, check with your doctor or midwife, and remember that the ligaments will still be a bit loose for the first three to five months after delivery.


With the arrival of my baby, I can not find time to exercise. What I can do?

There are two ways

– The first way to exercise is by coming to MAMIfit® classes.
The time and energy to exercise is very difficult to find when the baby has arrived. But you can always take the baby with you to class, have him/her by your side while doing some exercises. You can even use your baby as weights!

– The second way of exercising is, while your baby is sleeping or awake, at home and next to your TV thanks to MAMIfit® Moms and Babies DVD of duration 1h, where you can work cardiopulmonary resistance and resistance.
Also available is the MAMIfit® Pregnant DVD of 60 minutes duration where we prepare the future moms so that she stays in shape throughout the pregnancy and she is prepared for the delivery and quick recovery.
Both are now on sale in the MAMIfit® STORE.


Is it safe to exercise in the last trimester of pregnancy?

Many pregnant women fear physical exercise in the last month of gestation for fear of hurting their baby.
However, a joint study conducted by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Karolinska Institute of Sweden ensures that exercise is very healthy for the baby at the last stage, it does not affect his/her size or weight, and on the contrary, those fat-prone women who practice sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy are more likely to have obese babies.


If I want to form my own MAMIfit® group with my neighbors / friends / family, how do I do it?

If you have a group of friends and you want to exercise together, you only have to write to the email to the franchisee of your nearest city or district indicating that you want to form a group in a park or address, time and day of the week. The trainer will write you as soon as possible indicating if it is possible and what is the next step.


How are the classes at home and how do I contact the trainer in my area?

Home classes are adapted to each person according to their goals. These are studied in a first session in which you have the opportunity to meet the personal trainer and talk about points such as when you can have the classes, where would you like to train, how many sessions you need, payment methods and material you will need.
To contact the trainer in your area: search in your city or the nearest to your address and put the type of classes. You will see the trainer and her information.


I am receiving emails from MAMIfit® and I want to unsubscribe, how do I do it?

To stop receiving notifications through email, just write an email. In the case put: UNSUBSCRIBE MAMIfit and you send it to


I am a graduate in CAFD or have Diploma in Physical Education and I would like to be able to represent a MAMIfit® franchise where I live, what should I do?

If you want to be a franchisee of MAMifit® and want to request information write an email to, attaching your CV and full body photo in sportswear, updated.