The MAMIfit® franchise. The significance of the company and the family


"Franchisees are ambassadors of the brand. Each of them brings their experience, their ability to make right decisions, their human skills and their unconditional love for family and reconciliation."

Franchisees receive theoretical and practical training in the MAMIfit® Method. In addition, they have a department of help for the franchisee 24 hours, 365 days a year.

MAMIfit® and the franchise

The franchise in MAMIfit is a collaboration and total bearing of he values of MAMIfit®, meaning, the search for the daily excellence in quality, service, family and health. We have developed a business model specially designed for you.

It is an opportunity to be an entrepreneur while still being a mom / dad.

MAMIfit® offers:

  • An important notoriety, MAMIfit® is the most visible brand associated with the world of pre and postpartum.
  • More than 8 years provide the knowledge and experience at the service of the client.
  • Continuous training of the franchisee to update the knowledge and values within the pre and postpartum world and Hypopressive technique.
  • “Know-how”: know-how of the MAMIfit® brand.
  • Continuous support in business development strategy.
  • Communication campaigns and marketing both national and local, for each franchisee.
  • Monthly evolution reports.
  • Action plan for the franchise.

On the other hand, the franchisee supplies:

  • Your professional experience in the field of pre-postpartum and sport providing. You would provide the necessary knowledge for the development of the franchise both in management and as well as human values.
  • Your knowledge as team manager, a very important value within MAMIfit®.
  • Your ability to make appropriate decisions when needed.
  • Your commitment to the development and implementation of local marketing actions and programs.

The MAMIfit® franchise is a real enterprise project and an opportunity for those who seek a professional and personal future full of quality with the compromise between family, as the added value of the company.

It is a long-term commitment that translates into the signing of a 5 years contract minimum. For this reason, the selection process of the candidates is rigorous and demanding.

MAMIfit® has in Spain, at the end of 2016, with 22 franchisees and more than 200 personal trainers. Colombia, Chile and Peru share this experience with us, and we continue to grow.

How to become a Franchisee:

Do I need a specific profile to become a franchisee?

We are looking for Sports Sciences Graduates/Degree in, Physiotherapy, Psychopededogical dance Diploma/Degree, or professionals of any of these sectors with initiative and potential, improvement capacity, ambition for personal and professional growth that contribute to MAMIfit® to grow as a brand

MAMIfit® is globally recognized as the leading company of great quality, being one of the best franchise opportunities. The key to our success is a very firm base: our franchisees and our know-how.

What qualities does MAMIfit® seek in its potential franchisees?

Among others, the following specifications are essential to be considered as a candidate for MAMIfit® franchisee:

  • Entrepreneurship and desire for success.
  • Broad experience in business.
  • Be willing to devote the necessary time and your best efforts to the service we offer.
  • Financial capability.

How much money is needed to become a franchisee?

The initial contribution currently ranges from €7,500 to €12,000 for franchises and €200,000 to € 300,000 for master franchises. This amount must come from own funds, that is, the personal assets of the candidate.

How much money can I earn?

The profitability depends on a number of factors, for example, the ability of the franchisee to direct and manage their franchise, always supervised by MAMIfit® giving full support in the improvement and evolution of it.

The economic issues will be further explained during our personal interviews and selection.


Are you willing to become one of us?

If you are interested in the selection process to become a franchisee MAMIfit®, fill out the form enclosing CV: